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With every new booking, Album Studio is becoming a staple in Toronto’s photography industry. Owned by award-winning photographer James Tse, the full-service studio includes five different unique spaces. Three studios are located within the same space as the head office and two others are just off-site and down the street. Each studio offers flexible and unique features that address the…

Modern Mediterranean Restaurant | Spacefy

Eye catching photos can grab a creator’s attention when browsing Spacefy and providing strong visuals of your space can help make or break a decision about booking. Beautiful photos will help your listing get more clicks, and help creators understand if your space will suit their purpose; a filmmaker, artist, or event planner may have a certain aesthetic in mind.…

Converted Steeple Penthouse | Spacefy

A creator has clicked on your listing, but how do you entice them to book your space on Spacefy? Writing an informative description can not only help you get found in search, but also give creators the information and confidence to click that Request Price button. Below, we offer a guide to writing an enticing description for your listing (we…

So Nick Merzetti is a great up and coming (ok, more like already on his way) photographer; and Spacefy is an online booking platform that connects creative people to creative spaces. No need to do the math, we're an obvious match! When talent meets perfect location, creative juices start to flow... We invited Nick to take part in a promotional video…

How to Make Extra Cash from Spaces in your Home or Work place?

As the official launch of Spacefy approaches, we had, what we believed to be a great idea, to showcase our service.  We decided on a video shoot showing different creative uses in a single space. The location was our HQ office space in Toronto.

Getting ready to move the desks. Wheels, help.

We completed 5 space conversions in a span of 6 hours, starting with setting up a Photography Studio, courtesy of Nick MerzettiNick is an award-winning photographer specializing in Portrait and Event Photography. Nick’s work has been featured in publications such as Monacle and Spacing magazines, as well as The Toronto Star  and The Guardian UK. He is the recipient of the esteemed William J. Dowkes Award for Outstanding Portrait Photography from the University of Toronto, and a winner of the Nature in Focus Photography Competition presented by David Suzuki.

The photoshoot took on a bit of a last minute creative turn, you can read more and see the final photos from Nick Merzetti’s photoshoot here!

IMG_20150816_121149 (1)
Our office space is now a Photography Studio, how cool is that!

Next on the agenda was an activity that many at our office where looking forward to, a Yoga Class with Yoga teacher Arash Brl. The space transformation began with a simple window drape, check out the photos below. 

It’s no secret around the office that I love Vimeo. I’m always finding new music videos and short films that I quickly share with others.

I usually turn to Vimeo when I’ve got a few minutes to spare and I’m in search of new and interesting media to check out. Quite often I come across new musicians, artists or film producers that I then start to follow and discover even more of their great work. It’s almost like a snowball effect of cool content.

Recently I came across a video that has proven to be one of my favorites. It’s the first music video for an indie artist named Nelson Diaz and it was filmed by James Mills of Mills Movies. It’s called “In the Beginning.”

Give it a view before continuing on with the rest of this article.

We’re busy working away here at Spacefy to get the platform ready for our upcoming launch. We’ve implemented some major changes based on host feedback and are pleased to announce Flex Rate. This unique tool gives you the opportunity to set a price as unique as your space. What is Flex Rate? Flex Rate gives you the opportunity to change…