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The life-long journey of a successful creative is far from easy, especially if the industry and pool of opportunities offered are small. Even so, there are many resilient creatives that have made a successful career in the Arts, one being executive producer (EP) Jacob Morris. Morris understands the importance of creating story-telling, visually appealing videos that leave a long-lasting impact…

  Culture diversity in shows or mainstream media are few and far in-between. Parabolica, a production company based in Toronto, Canada, is looking to make changes to film industry 'standards' through their comedy web-series Standardized. They look to add a different perspective to comedy by creating cultural diverse roles through their popular web-series.  The YouTube comedy show follows an aspiring Latin American actor named…

Francois Klark Nick Merzetti Spacefy interview 2015

Self-described "small town South African boy" Francois Klark is a musician, songwriter, performer and all around amazing guy who is currently based in Toronto. We recently sat down with him at Spacefy HQ to discuss staying grounded, being a one man act, and "epic things". A mixture of strings, grand piano, 808’s, bass synths, soaring electric guitars, and of course, vocals,…

Ghost in the Machine is a collaborative EP by synth wave artists Kirk Gadget and Valkyrie1984. This EP plays into the futuristic world of the cyberpunk sub-genre along with the concept of merging humans and machines. The story follows two detectives, Kirk and Val, stationed in the Kingdom District of a hyper-futuristic Tokyo that has been ravaged by covert corporate…

Roger Sader Musideum

From displaying to playing, Musideum is home to a collection of traditional, yet exotic, instruments and hosts a number of intimate concerts throughout the year. This unique space in Toronto was one of the first to be listed on Spacefy. We sat down with the faces behind the music to ask them a few candid questions. You can also meet…

So Nick Merzetti is a great up and coming (ok, more like already on his way) photographer; and Spacefy is an online booking platform that connects creative people to creative spaces. No need to do the math, we're an obvious match! When talent meets perfect location, creative juices start to flow... We invited Nick to take part in a promotional video…

Connecting the PINEAPPLE to its roots.

Beginning, middle, to no end…

Tdot to Tokyo and back to us!

Two peas in a pod

1. I figured we would start with the obvious. Your eclectic persona and pineapple craze (and by that we mean the pineapples floating on your social media platforms and cover of your EP). Tell us, what influences your unique identity?

People have always called me pineapple; my funky hairdo must have sparked the association. One day I took a hard look at myself in the mirror and it just made sense, so I embraced it and grew a moustache and a beard too. Now I feel like a half samurai half ninja persona behind the decks. I’ve always wanted to be different, to stand out.  Although my unconventional appearance sometimes confuses people, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think it’s a good kind of confusion. It’s always good, maybe even necessary to be different.

Introducing the first in what we hope will be many short interviews with the creative community. Every so often we get a chance to sit down and chat with some local creators, ask them a bunch of questions (some rational, some weird) and learn about what they do and why they do it.

Dan and Brenton from West & Social are busy wrapping up their first year as a company, but recently took time out of their busy schedules to meet with Spacefy. They share their insights into being a small production company and their secret to making your films look good.

1. Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Dan Slater and I’m one of the founders of advertising agency West & Social. I’m also the Creative Director of film production company Multiname Productions.

I’m Brenton Mowforth and I work a lot on the marketing at West & Social. I got my start in photography but wanted to move into freelance advertising so we came together and started West & Social.

West & Social advertising agency Toronto
Dan Slater and Brenton Mowforth

2. What is the best and worst part of your job?
D: The best part is creating, starting with an idea and seeing it through to the final product. It’s great to learn about the other company and see their passion come to life.
The worst part is that I don’t sleep, but I’m used to it. When you’re building your own brand, you can’t stop, you always have to be thinking of the next step.

B: We’ll be on location and at the same time, negotiating media packages for the next project. We have to find the next job while working on the current one.

3. What are you working on right now?
D: We’ve just finished the end of our first year as a company. We’ve found our niche as a video production company. We’re looking to move into being a full service agency but video production is our bread and butter. Companies who can’t afford big promotion and commercials, we help make their ideas come to life for a lot less.