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HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR ROOFTOP While we can't guarantee that you'll break the internet like Drake's "Views" album cover did... it is likely that if you own a beautiful rooftop or rooftop patio, you may be able to cash in and make some additional coin with your view. Rooftops are now considered prime real estate for photographers, influencers and event…

How to Make Extra Cash from Spaces in your Home or Work place?

As the official launch of Spacefy approaches, we had, what we believed to be a great idea, to showcase our service.  We decided on a video shoot showing different creative uses in a single space. The location was our HQ office space in Toronto.

Getting ready to move the desks. Wheels, help.

We completed 5 space conversions in a span of 6 hours, starting with setting up a Photography Studio, courtesy of Nick MerzettiNick is an award-winning photographer specializing in Portrait and Event Photography. Nick’s work has been featured in publications such as Monacle and Spacing magazines, as well as The Toronto Star  and The Guardian UK. He is the recipient of the esteemed William J. Dowkes Award for Outstanding Portrait Photography from the University of Toronto, and a winner of the Nature in Focus Photography Competition presented by David Suzuki.

The photoshoot took on a bit of a last minute creative turn, you can read more and see the final photos from Nick Merzetti’s photoshoot here!

IMG_20150816_121149 (1)
Our office space is now a Photography Studio, how cool is that!

Next on the agenda was an activity that many at our office where looking forward to, a Yoga Class with Yoga teacher Arash Brl. The space transformation began with a simple window drape, check out the photos below.